17 Feb 2014
February 17, 2014


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Compact, extremely effecient and affordable ultrasonic cleaners, made in Italy with high quality materials and advanced technologies. They grant a fast and deep cleaning of any object with complex shape or irregular surface. Equipped by a new microprocessor that adapt working transducers frequency to the level and temperature of the wash water inside the tank in order to create any time powerful ultrasonic wavelenghts.

Totally made in stainless steel for long durability, they come complete by basket lid and built-in water drain valve (valve non provided on US170 model) as well they have a 15-minutes working timer, heaters and feature variable temperature control 20 – 70°C (model US170 is provided by not adjustable 70°C thermostat).

Ring racks in plastic coated stainless steel, mesh baskets (also in stainless steel) for small parts and special bechers in antiacid polypropylene complete by holders are available upon request.