The LM-series rolling mills are available in three different dimensions, each of them with specific features:

LM160rolling mill for a middle-sized workshop with a considerable amount of work. It has 160 mm-clearance rollers, 63/65 HRC hardened, with steel headframes for an increased stiffness, a reduction unit with modified toothing gears that ensure noiseless and moderate wear; it has a two-speeds three-phase motor and automatic lubrication of the bearing brass that can ensure a steady power for the whole working day.

LM120 with 120 mm-clearance rollers, 63/65 HRC hardened, two-speeds three-phase motor and bearing brass automatic lubrication, it is indicated for workshops with a good daily manufacture of rolled sections 

LM100 with 100 mm-clearance rollers, 63/65 HRC hardened, single-phase one speed motor with a manual bearing brass speed and lubrication, it is the ideal machine for the small worksohop that wants to be autonomous in the lamination work